Welcome to HL Teileservice


The company HL Teileservice evolved out of the well known German sun protection specialist Hüppeform / Hüppelux.

The operation started on Jan. 1st 2006 with the supply of spare parts for the external / internal venetian blinds made by Hüppeform / Hüppelux. Till today we are the only supplier of the complete range of original spare parts for these product lines. And we are the only company to carry all parts in stock.

Furthermore we offer a repair and maintenance service throughout Europe to our customers. A network of trained experts performs the repair and maintenance services you ask for. Alternatively the blinds can be send to our factory for the service to be done by HL Teileservice.

Since 2007 we produce complete external and internal venetian blinds again. Our HLTS blinds fit perfectly as a substitution or supplement for Hüppeform / Hüppelux products. Highest quality standards in various product types, wide colour range, fast communications and short delivery times are the values we dedicate to our customers.

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